Sunday, February 22, 2009

25 things about me

There's this thing going around Facebook to write 25 things about yourself and then tag all your friends. I felt like also doing that for here. and since I haven't posted in a while, I figured it's a good way to get back into my blog for all my loyal reader. Thank you for still reading.


  1. I don't like artificial or chemical smells like perfumes or air fresheners. I especially hate the smells of lavender and vanilla....and I just hate all of them. They make me nauseated. I can't walk thru Macy's without holding my nose. I like natural smells like freshly cut grass, or the smell after it rains, or someone cooking. I think my favorite smell is freshly cut grass. I miss the suburbs.

  1. I used to think that all jewish men were bald and they wear kippot to cover their bald spots. All the jewish men I knew were bald and all my dad's non-jewish friends all had hair. so it made perfect sense to me.

  1. My favorite movie is Aladdin and my favorite song is A Whole New World. I'm a hopeless romantic and I love fairytales.

  1. I hate reading. If the book is that good, they'll eventually make a movie out of it.

  1. I've been invited to 99 weddings. I went to 79 of them and will be going to my 80th in March, IY"H. I had a dress made for my sister's wedding in 2002 and I've worn it to 36 weddings, plus one purim costume plus one Oscars party. I've only been a bridesmaid for my sister, but I still feel that the movie "27 Dresses" is about my life and one day I will put on my "28th dress".

  1. I have a very intense fear of drowning. I can't take baths b/c of all the horror movies where someone's in the bath and some killer walks in and drowns the person in the bath. (I've never seen Psycho. I still shower. Don't you worry).

  1. I was a lifeguard at a day camp for about 6 years. If you are a teenager now and you lived in or near Bergen County, NJ when you were like 5, and you're female, I probably taught you how to swim.

  1. I have a picture of the entire cast of Cheers and they all signed it to me.

  1. I was on the tv show "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?" If you can find my episode on youtube, I'll pay you lots of money. I was looking for Robocrook who stole the citadel from somewhere in Canada.

  1. Most ppl brake normal bones like their feet or arms. I broke my coccyx. That's the little tiny bone at the bottom end of the spinal column. I can't sit on hard surfaces for long periods of time. What a pain in the butt....quite literally.

  1. I also broke my foot in 2 places when I was in Israel. I wasn't even hiking. No good story out of it. I was dancing at our chanukah chagiga.

  1. I've been to a disney park 16 times. 4 times to Disneyland in CA and 12 times to Walt Disney World in FL.

  1. I want to be a singing voice in a Disney movie.

  1. If I could do something with 100% certainty it would be successful, I would be a voice in a Disney movie, the song would be nominated for - and win - an Oscar for best song and I would get to perform it at the Academy Awards. And of course I would wear my green dress from my sister's wedding. Or maybe I'd have a new one made....hmm....

  1. Orlando Bloom is one HOT pirate. Keira Knightly is very lucky.

  1. I was chased around Universal Studios by Dracula. That was soooooo scary. I never shoulda made a comment about garlic.

  1. There is a wedding hall in brooklyn - Ateret Chynka - that no longer has mixed seating all because of me. After I found that out, I made it a fun game to see what kind of trouble I could cause whenever I go to a wedding in that hall. The last wedding I went to there, they played only one round of Od Yishama also b/c of me. One day, they'll have a mug shot of me on the door with a note under it that says "Don't let this woman in". Of course it will be in Yiddish so I won't understand and I'll walk right in anyways.

  1. One day, I'm gonna learn how to wear my hair curly and actually look normal and feel comfortable with it and I won't care what other ppl think of it. One day....

  1. I don't like chocolate. I'm still female. I don't like chulent. I'm still Jewish.

  1. I love road trips. I drove with 3 friends from NY to Atlanta to Disney World (trip #12 to the park in FL and #15 overall to a Disney park) and then back to NY in one weekend. Best trip ever!

  1. I eat round foods around the circumference first. I don’t know why. Watch next time I eat a bagel or a hamburger. You’ll see.

  1. I name inanimate things. My GPS is Jasmine and my car that my dad lets me "borrow" is Chewbacca. The Xerox machine at work is Phoebe. The Xerox tech guy is named Reuben. Ok...Reuben is a real person....

  1. My favorite TV show is Friends. I quote it all the time. I have all 10 seasons on DVD. If I were a Friends character, I think I'd be Chandler. I use humor a lot as a protection. and he's so funny. sadly, I do not have good writers helping out with life. I end up sounding more like Fozzie Bear. Wocka Wocka!

  1. I'm from Monsey, NY. Most ppl think Monsey is upstate. It is the most NOT upstate you could be. If you look at a map of NY, Monsey is in Rockland County and Rockland County is actually the 2nd southern most county in NY State outside of NY City. (The southern most is Westchester). So no, I am not from upstate. I guess I'm from "downstate"....?

  1. I work for an organization called Heart Mind & Soul ( The mission of Heart, Mind & Soul is to make a positive difference in the lives of Jewish teenagers and young adults. Through interactive and engaging programs that build safety, promote introspection, and teach valuable intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, Heart, Mind & Soul seeks to raise the self-esteem and motivation of our youth, increase hope, and encourage them to develop a greater willingness to accept personal and communal responsibility in a fun, supportive, and safe Torah enviroment. For more info on HMS, please go to the website or ask me anything.

  1. 26 is the Gimatria of Hashem's name and I felt like ending on that note b/c I went Shana Bet. (v'hameivin yavin)


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