Wednesday, July 27, 2005

gotta love israel....

my former roommate called me this morning from israel. she made aliyah last summer with nefesh b'nefesh. go her! it was sooo nice to speak to her in person. but the weirdest thing with my bus this morning. as usual, i left my apt, flew down the stairs, across the street and watched as my bus pulled away from the stop. but there's a red light right after the stop. so I knocked on the door. last time, the driver let me on. this time he would not (different driver) and I said "are you kidding me?" and he mouthed "NO!" and I was thinking "that's so israeli of him!" but fine. so I went to the stop and waited impatiently till the next bus came. of course there's a schedule posted which the bus doesn't follow. so you never know when the next one is really gonna come. finally it came. but it was soooo weird. it's this new electric no more gas power....environmentally better..... the number on the front was all lit up - so I could actually read it. then I got on and the seats in the back are up 2 steps. that was weird. then I was sitting trying to read my book but I was so distracted by this new bus. so I was looking around and I noticed that the buttons to signal the driver to stop were not only on the walls, like usual, but they were also on the hand poles! just like in israel.

so I had 3 israel experiences today....all in a span of a 1/2 hour....all b4 9am. I think it's a sign...


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