Monday, March 09, 2009

חג פורים שמח

Taanit Esther is the International Day for עגונות - Agunot.
An עגונה is a woman who is no longer in a functional marriage and whosse husband cannot or will not give her a Jewish divorce - a גט.
ORA - the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot - is a non-profit organization which assists disputing couples in resolving their differences in order to effectuate a timely Jewish divorce in accordance with the highest standards of Jewish law.
I am a single woman living in a singles community among friends and we live our lives freely and independently with no one controlling our lives except us. We often take that for granted. עגונות don't have that luxury. This year, rather than going nuts on mishloach manot, I donated money to ORA. I chose ORA to remind myself and others that while I am having a super fun care-free happy פורים, there are women out there who are suffering tremendously and they deserve to also have a super fun care-free happy פורים.
For more information on ORA, check out

חג פורים שמח!

Thanx DS and ZK for the idea.


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