Monday, March 26, 2007

The MTA in NYC

There are a lot of things for which New York City is known. Museums, Times Square, Macy's, parades, etc. One thing it is particularly famous for is it's crazy people. There are just so many out there. Restaurants come and go, but crazy people will always be here.
There are many elevators in different subway stations that are run by MTA Elevator operator people....I dunno what their official title is. You can imagine if all you do all day is push an elevator button, you might go a little nuts. There's one particular elevator operator who I really think only knows how to say "good evening" mainly because that's all he ever says. Good thing he works the night shift. Just when I thought he couldn't get any weirder, he did. Someone mentioned the warm weather and how it brings out all the kids on bikes. This subway elevator operator then responded "I hate those kids. Maybe one of them will get hit by a truck or something!" At least I know he knows how to say something other than "good evening"!


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