Monday, March 12, 2007

Up Hill, Both Ways

I live across the street from Bennett Park. Within this park, there is a plaque from the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey that reads: "The Highest Natural Point on Manhattan: 265.05 Feet Above Sea Level. USC & GS Datum.'' Basically, I live across the street from the highest natural point in Manhattan. So my building is pretty high up from yours. I guess it's comforting to know that if Manhattan Island ever floods, I'll be ok. The only thing higher than my apt is my upstairs neighbors.
So when someone else tells you they walked up hill both ways, they might be joking around. But I am not joking. For me to get home from any direction, no matter from where, I am always walking up hill! So when I tell my grandkids that to get home, I had to walk up hill - both ways - in the snow....blah blah blah, I won't be lying.


At 3/14/2007 10:45 AM, Blogger Solanum said...

Wow Arona, I really look up to you (yuk yuk yuk). I just wanted to point out that the ground level is the highest, but other buildings on lower ground may have more floors and are higher than you, so if Al Gore is right and sea level rises, you could still go GLUB GLUB (but maybe not; our friends in NJ wouldn't fare as well).

At 3/14/2007 10:53 AM, Blogger Solanum said...

Update: Maybe Al Gore is wrong


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