Wednesday, July 08, 2009

FML #2

This is how my day went yesterday:

  1. Still no elevator in my building. Must climb 5 flights of stairs every day.
  2. Hurt my bad knee somehow. shooting pains when I do stairs. don't wanna sleep on the street so still climbing 5 flights of stairs every day. ouchies.
  3. Went to the orthopedist yesterday. She said it's probably nothing and it will go away soon hopefully.
  4. walked from her to work. got hungry. bought an ice cream bar. didn't taste so good. finished it anyways.
  5. got chocolate on my shirt. ugh
  6. Finally remembered I have a Tide-To-Go pen. shmeared it on the stain. now i have big wet bloches on my chest.
  7. Tide dried finally. Tide does not work. still have stains.
  8. got to the block where I work. Robert Pattinson was filming a movie there! Score!
  9. still have stains on my shirt. thank God for long hair to cover the stains.
  10. went out with friends to a comedy club. had to go to the bathroom. went to the men's room. yaaay mistake...?
  11. door didn't lock quite like it was supposed to. a man walked in on me. I screamed. he slammed the door.
  12. I finished, walked out and looked at him - still waiting to use the bathroom - and I said "hi. I'm not mortified. nope. not mortified at all. have a good night."
  13. got home at midnight, knee hurting from climbing the stairs in the train station and still no elevator in my building so up 5 flights I go on my bad knee.

on the up side, I had a really really fun july 4th in Boston and I saw Robert Pattinson yesterday and I had a really fun night last night with my HMS girls. so I really can't complain. except this is my blog so yes I can. wuhoo.


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