Monday, December 27, 2010

1 little...2 little...3 little trains...4 little...5 little...6 little trains...

So after driving last night for 2 1/2 hours in the horrible snow storm on a trip that normally takes 45 minutes - Thank you MB for amazing driving and Thank God for us getting home safely, I woke up this morning and thought "What is the stupidest thing I could possibly do today b/c I want to do that." The answer is leave my warm apt and go to work. Then I thought "How am I gonna get to the upper east side??" Normally I take a bus but I'm not really That stupid and that is soooo not happening today. I went on the MTA website and it basically said "Stay home, idiot!" "Eh", I thought. "It's just a suggestion. Whatever." So I decided to go to work. Why waste a vacation day? So here's what I did:
  • Thought I'll take the A to 145th, the D up to Yankee Stadium, and the 4 down to 86th where I work.
  • The D was iffy and the announcements were not clear. Decided a more stupider thing would be to get stuck in the Bronx so I nixed that idea.
  • Thought I'd take the A to the C to the 86th St crosstown.
  • No crosstowns. My friend's facebook status said he had to walk across b/c there were no crosstowns. Apparently facebook is more accurate than the MTA website. And some guy at the bus stop said he'd been waiting for 1/2 hour and didn't see any buses pass by. OK......I don't judge.....
  • Went back down to try to take the C to 42nd to take the Shuttle across to take the 4 up while kicking myself for getting off the C in the first place, and then kicking myself for not thinking of this plan while I was still on the A.
  • D came local before the C. Took that. Then I heard there are no C trains running. Good choice.
  • Realized the D does not cross paths with the Shuttle. Crap!
  • Switched at 59th to the 1 train.
  • Took the 1 down to 42nd.
  • Saw the option of taking the 7 and stood and debated: the 7 is less likely to be crowded b/c no one thinks to use it as a shuttle and take it across but the S is more likely to be running as it only goes back and forth between two stops. Took the S.
  • Got to 42nd and decided to take the 4 or 5 express trains up to 86th since it's only two stops.
  • Let a local train go and waited for the express trains.
  • Heard an announcement that all express trains are running local. ugh!
  • Waited and got on the 6 local train and got to 86th.
  • Got to work at 10:30 and spent the first 45 minutes at work writing this blog and talking about my insane trek to my 3 other coworkers who made it here - out of an office of 10 people - 6 of whom live in the area and walk to work but only 2 came (grrr....) and the 3rd coworker who came lives near me and also had a trek. She took the A to the C and walked across the park.
  • Found out my boss is on vacation. FML.
So in total, I took 6 different trains to get to work. I think that might be a record. Do I win a prize? Can it be that I can go home? Please?


At 12/27/2010 5:22 PM, Blogger mo-b said...

Or the D train to the 7. Wow, you could of also taken the A to Far Rockaway and swam!

Have a great day.


At 12/27/2010 6:35 PM, Blogger Arona said...

I found out later the 7 wasn't running either.


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