Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I think ppl in general have a warped sense of time. Allow me to explain. Did you ever ask someone to do something and beg them, saying something like “Oh it’ll just take two seconds”? And then 1/2 hour later, they’re really pissed at you? Well I think ppl who say that should be shot! Well maybe not shot, but they should stop saying it. I am starting a movement - the Movement To Eliminate The Phrase "It Will Just Take Two Seconds" - or the MTETPIWJTTS. B/c it never really takes two seconds. That’s all a lie. Like when my roommate told me to take the garbage out when I was already running late in getting to work. She said it will just take two seconds. Well it didn't. b/c instead of flying down the stairs - and taking out a few ppl in the process - and just just making it to the train, I now had to stand on the 5th floor and wait for the elevator to come, plus the elevator has an outside door so I had to wait till it closed before the real elevator door could close, then I had to take it to the basement and leave the elevator to throw out the garbage - i.e. let the elevator go and then have to wait for it to come back down to the basement. So this whole process did not “just take 2 seconds”. No no no. It took about 7 minutes. Now 7 minutes may be nothing at 10:26pm on a Tuesday nite when there's nothing on TV and nothing to do. But in the morning, when you're running late to work, it can make a world of difference.
So I am starting a movement to eliminate that untruth-ism “It’ll just take two seconds”. Because we all know it won’t. So the next time you verbalize that falsehood, think about what you’re saying. It’ll just take two seconds.


At 8/09/2005 9:45 PM, Blogger Drew_Kaplan said...

ha ha ha -so true


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