Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm finally out of the closet!

I once overheard 2 classmates complaining aout the meanings of their Hebrew names. One was Esther, which means hidden, and the other was Ze'ev, which means wolf. They were each trying to one-up eachother until I chimed in and said "well my name means "closet" so shut up!"
For 28 years, I've been telling people that my name means "closet", or more correctly, "female closet". Isn't that what ארון means?
Everyone always tells me I have such a beautiful unique name, but I always hated it. It frickin means "closet"! I also hated it because you can never find it on a keychain or a mug or necklace. Even Jewish stores have אהרונה, or something so close to my name, but not exactly.
I try to have fun with it. Whenever people ask me where my name comes from, I try to make something up. My favorite is I tell them my parents met in a coatroom and they decided to name me closet. (Really, they met at a singles shabbaton and I was named after my zeidy,
משה אהרון => ארונה מיכל - and the 2 are totally unrelated). Then there were all my friends who tried to have fun with my name. I had one friend who actually called me "Closeta" once and I actually answered. No one else got it.

Yesterday, finally, after 28 years of living in a closet, I finally was shown** how awesome my name is. I had the following, very random IM:

TCB: I love how your name means "I will cause gladness"
me: name means closet. but I like yours better
omg I love it
I'm totally changing it
thank you
TCB: Your name is better than Rina!
Rinah is just "gladness"
Yours is more active
more like in j0 face
me: omg I love it!
that's sooooo much better than "she-closet"

So now if you ask me what my name means, I will very gladly tell you that my name means "I will cause gladness". And I really will.

** I love you so much TCB!


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