Thursday, May 31, 2007


I know I can't tell time. But I thought I was getting better at it, being more careful when reading my watch, taking a few extra seconds to make sure I was reading it correctly. Nope. I can not tell time to save my life.
I was very very late for work the past few days - not b/c I can't tell time. My alarm clock appears to be broken - i.e. I forgot to set it. Today, miracle of miracles, I woke up on time. I was even able to catch the earlier bus. I'm so proud of myself. I got on the bus and fell asleep like I always do. All of a sudden, I heard the bus driver yelling at someone to "use your turn can't just cut someone off like that.....I can't back up....." This whole thing took some time and then the bus driver announced that he's behind schedule and I'm thinking "man alive! I'm late again! I can't catch a break". I looked at my watch and I swear it said 9:00 2 stops before my stop. I stared at my watch intently and I saw the hour hand on the 9 and the minute hand on the 12 and I swear it said 9:00 at 2 stops before I would get off. I thought of calling my boss and telling him that it's not my fault this time. Thank God I didn't because I got off the bus, sprinted in to my building, looked at my cell phone and saw that it said 8:50am.



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