Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Mis-Fortune Cookie Strikes Again!

Whenever I order chinese food, I enjoy reading the fortune cookies. I never actually eat the cookies, but they're there so I read the fortunes...and then I want to kill myself. I usually get something crappy like "The road to life that you're on, you made a wrong turn".
Yesterday, I got chinese food from work. Since I'm not really gonna eat the cookie, it's a waste for me to actively take a fortune cookie. But I was curious. So I took one. I opeend it tonite. It says:
"Your loyalty is a virtue, but when it's wedded to blind stubbornness...."
It actually ended with the ....
And also, WTF?!? What the hello kind of "fortune" is that?!? I hear the chinese laughing at me. It sounds something like "hahahaha....Stupid American....she eat cookie....and she think she get advice....hahahahah....joke on her!"


At 9/08/2007 10:56 PM, Anonymous ariel p. said...

I heard you're always supposed to end fortunes with "in bed." So your latest would read "Your loyalty is a virtue, but when it's wedded to blind stubbornness in bed..." Not really sure what that means, but I guess it's open to interpretation. Yeah, that's a pretty ridiculous fortune. Here's a few fortune generator links so you can find some that you like:
Shana Tova!


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