Monday, November 26, 2007

"N" for Mnemonic

I recently finished teaching a beginners hebrew reading class. The goal of the class is just to get the students to recognize the letters and the sounds they make so that the students can read hebrew. There's no grammar or translating involved. It's just recognizing sounds of letters. I try to use good pneumonics to help the students recognize the differences between the letters that look the same - like the ס is ssssircular and the ם is mmmmore square.... Or the ט has a Tear on Top vs the מ has a Mountain. I was trying to show them the difference between the פ with the dot vs the פ without the dot. The פ with the dot is like a Profile of a Person and the פ without the dot is like a Face with no Features. Then a student decided to help and offered that the פ without the dot has no dot b/c it Farted it out. My students & I will never Forget the difference between the 2 פ's.


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I think my mind was on Pneumonia when I wrote that one b/c I already had a cold.


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