Sunday, August 28, 2005

How are you? Actually, I don't care.....

I don't know how many of "you" remember there was a commercial on TV a few years ago where a bunch of people were in a bar and they all said to eachother, "Hey, How are ya?" "Great, how are you?" "Great, ok bye". Very quick short answers, no real information exchanged. But then there was a person obviously from the south somewhere and someone asked him also "Hey how are ya?" and he went on and on and his thick southern accent.... "I'm fine. I just got in today from texas. my flight was ok............................" On and on and on and no one really cared.
I feel like people don't really care about answers anymore. They just ask how are you just to have something to say. But no one really wants to hear about how your week was or how your job is or how yummy your niece is - b/c of course they also have a niece and unbiasly, she must be cuter than your niece....altho no one is cuter than my niece....of course. So when people ask me how I'm doing, I don't care what they really mean. I'm gonna tell them exactly how I'm doing, dammit!
Someone I hadn't seen in a while - which in my neighborhood, a while for not seeing a friend is like a week - so she asked me the other day how I am. So I told her all about my hard week and my job and my niece and my plans for the next week and stuff. She had this look on her face like "whoa I didn't really want to know". So I felt bad. but hey, she asked.


At 10/01/2005 11:54 PM, Blogger Jewminican said...

hey, arona. cool seeing you at Devora's Friday night yummy meal. sounds like you had a tough week. maybe you need new friends? some people just can't deal with hearing anything besides the answer "good, how are you?"


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