Monday, December 19, 2005

Of Rice and Men

Did you ever see on TV or in stores "as seen on TV" those crazy utensils that only exist b/c someone probably lost something in their kitchen like their minds and now they can't peel their banana so they invent the new "banananator 2000!" tm? and then everyone buys one and has to have one and everyone uses it b/c it's sooo much easier than peeling the banana yourself. So I have bought some of those b/c I fall for those things. I'm sure we all have. and I think they're all stupid and a waste of money. But I will admit they do the job.
However, I was at a shabbat meal a few weeks ago and I saw the craziest thing. There was a bowl of rice on the table with the craziest utensil in it in order to dish out rice. it was a fork. I fully understand buying a super duper pooper scooper which is supposed to be used know.... but why would you put a fork in a rice bowl? is it a tease? are you not supposed to eat the rice? is it a trick to see who can figure out how to get the most rice out of the bowl and get it successfully onto their plates? I don't understand.
What made me think of this today was that at work, one of the things they were serving for lunch was pasta made of small noodles. And once again, the serving utensil was a kinda spork - a half spoon, half fork. like coming out of the handle is a spoon, but then it switches to a 3 prong fork. Now I ask you, how am I supposed to pick up anything with such a device?
I think God is trying to tell me something.... Don't buy stupid useless utensils!


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