Monday, April 24, 2006

funny thought

I feel like IM'ing is like talking. So then could spelling mistakes on IM's be considered like stuttering?

Adam the Hottie

This is a really funny story. I got an evite to a wedding today. (That's not the funny part) One of the people invited is a guy I met when I went to Penn for Simchat Torah a few years ago. Here's the funny part.
4 years ago, my friend "Esther" went to Penn for Simchat Torah. She came back and told me I have to go and all the fun she had....blah blah blah... Then she told me about "Adam the hottie" who's some kind of doctor there. She said he's the funniest guy and when I go, I should ask "Hillel" to introduce me to him. So when I went a year later, I was going to ask "Hillel" about "Adam the hottie". Except I forgot all about that. So I got to Penn and "Hillel" and I were discussing all the meals and who's coming and I didn't know anyone there - except "Sara Leah". Then he told me this guy "Hot Adam" is coming and I thought ooooh right.....
"Esther" told me about I was very excited to meet him.
The following year,
"Esther", "Susanne", & I all went to Penn for Simchat Torah and "Esther" and I were talking about all the people we both knew. And of course "Hot Adam" came up. "Susanne" didn't know him yet. He popped in for a meal and I mouthed very quietly to "Susanne" "That's Hot Adam". I don't think he heard.
Last year, "Susanne", "Destiny", "Anna" & I all drove to Penn
for Simchat Torah and the whole way there, I was telling them my funny story about how "Hillel" introduced me to this guy as "Hot Adam" and that's really why I refer to him that way. So of course they wanted to meet him. Then we had a meal with "Miriam" and she heard the story and asked if "Adam" knew any of this. And I was like I dunno.... and "Miriam" thought it would be fun if we tell him. So we did. He had no idea. But he thought it was the funniest thing....and then proceeded to make fun of me....a lot.... So now he knows that I call him "Hot Adam". He - and everyone else - didn't seem to care at all that I only call him that because that's how "Hillel" introduced him to me! They all just know that I call this dude "Hot Adam". I'm glad I could clarify that.
So that's the end of the funny story. The reason that I brought that up is that I just got an evite to "Hillel" and "Ahavya"s wedding and I was soooo confused b/c I never got an evite for a wedding before. But then I saw that other people answered it. And so did "Hot Adam". So I was gonna answer it but I didn't know what to write. I wanted to write something like "well if "Hot Adam" is going....." but then I thought that would be embarrassing and ppl would make fun of me....a lot.... So I decided not to.
My friend "Laura" told me I should totally write that.....or at least post it on my blog and post a link on the evite to my blog. So that's what I decided to do.

p.s. in case you are wondering why everyone's names are in quotes, it's b/c I never write ppl's real names b/c of identity theft....ya know.... so I try to use fake names.....those aren't their real names.....

A poem for you

I would like to recite a poem that I had learned in elementary school and was forced to memorize. I think it holds true today and will always hold true. It goes like this:

Girls go to college
to get more knowledge
Boys go to Jupiter
to get more Stupider


Thank you.