Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy 87th!

Around the beginning of February, I posted my 100th post. On the edit posts page, my blog post counter thingy tells you how many posts you have. One day, it said 99 and I thought it's so cool...I have 99 posts....according to my blog post counter thingy.....I'll do something fun for my 100th. I searched and thought and searched some more and came up with this 100th post. Yaaay! Happy 100th post to me!
A few posts later, I thought that it's not possible for me to have 100 posts. Also,
my blog post counter thingy changed and said there were 125 posts. That's weird. So I counted all my posts. It turns out that my blog post counter thingy includes drafts & posts together so when I thought I had 100 posts, I really only had 87. I re-counted and this post is actually my 100th. Since I already did something fun for my 100th, which turned out to be only #87, I thought I'll do something fun for my real 100th - not the 87th - and find fun facts about the number 87. I got nuthin' except this page from wikipedia on the number 87. Did you know that to date, there are 87 women serving in the U.S. Congress? Also, 87 is the number of years between the Declaration of Independence and the battle of Gettysburg, as Abraham Lincoln said in the Gettysburg Address - "4 score and 7 years ago......" Thrilling! I'm falling out of my seat....
Then I found this page - a list of the greatest films from 1987. Some of the best movies came out that year, like Dirty Dancing, 3 Men & a Baby, and one of my favorites, The Princess Bride.
Also in 1987, some random things:
The NY Giants won the superbowl - Go NY!
The Simpsons premiered as part of the Tracy Ullman show
The Legend of Zelda was released for Nintendo
The U.S. celebrated the bicentennial of the Constituion
Baby Jessica fell down a well and got rescued
Delaware, Pennsylvania &
New Jersey, celebrated 200 years of statehood
Also thrilling! I can barely hold back my excitement.
So basically 87 is just as boring as 100. Wuhoo! Happy 87th - or 100th - to me!