Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is how my week has been so far:
  1. got an eye infection. couldn't wear my contacts.
  2. wore glasses all week. infection went away.
  3. had to send in my glasses to upgrade the prescription. had to put on lenses. got a new eye infection
  4. got home without my new glasses so woke up and had to put lenses in my infected eye. ouchies!
  5. got to work and decided to take out lenses to heal my eye. relief!
  6. couldn't see b/c no lenses and no glasses. got dizzy and headache.
  7. picked up my new glasses so now I could see. score!
  8. new glasses are much stronger. got dizzy and headache.
  9. decided to go home at 10am.
  10. bus that never comes when I need it finally came right away. sweet!
  11. coudln't find my metrocard. had no change. dammit! thank God for nice ppl on the bus who had change of 2 dollar bills.
  12. walked from the bus. right eye still bright red, irritated and hurting. managed to poke my left eye.
  13. got home. decided to test my brand new a/c with a timer. plugged the a/c into the timer and wondered why the a/c didn't work.
  14. plugged the timer into an outlet. now it works.
  15. took a nap.
  16. went out for a friend's birthday. went to wash. walked into the corner of the counter and then tripped into the washing station.
  17. came home. took a shower. went to bed. tomorrow is a new day!