Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good Idea....Bad Idea...

In my state of denial that summer is over, I decided that it's still ok to wear flip-flops outside, eventhough it's the middle of October and it's like 50 degrees outside. But I'm not giving in! I miss the summer and I love my flip-flops. And also, it's takes so much longer to put on tights and shoes so when I wake up 5 minutes before I need to sprint out of my apartment to make my bus to get to work relatively on time. Flip-flops are just so much easier to just throw on. So I'm still wearing flip-flops. And of course my feet are always freezing outside.
One day, I was leaving work and I was walking - in my flip-flops - along a subway grate and I felt very warm air coming from the subway and I thought "Omg, my feet are warm! This isn't so ridiculous that I'm wearing flip-flops in 50 degrees b/c I can just walk on subway grates and be fine". So the next day, I got dressed, put on my flip-flops and went to work with my brilliant new idea. I started walking on the subway grate and a train went by and sent such a big updraft of warm air. My feet were toasty warm. "Excellent," I thought. What I did not realize is that when you walk on a subway grate with the updraft of warm air, if you are wearing a flairy skirt, everyone around you will get a good show. Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all.