Sunday, September 30, 2007

cutest kids in the world!

Soooooo yummy! That's my niece Bat-Tzion on the left and my nephew Moshe on the right. She's 3 1/2 and he's 1 1/2. And she's trying to steal my camera.
They are definitely the cutest kids ever!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Return of The MisFortune Cookies

I really think I should publish a book of all the bad bad bad fortunes I get from fortune cookies. Today, I had 3 fortune cookies. Here's how my future looks:
1. "Do you feel like you're walking in mud? Take your time today." - Ok....Weird, but not mean.
2. "It's not the end yet. Let's stay with it" - Also ok. Kinda helpful, not so mean.
This last one is the best. I almost peed in my pants:
3. "It's over your head now. Time to get some professional help." - yeah....ok....I have no words.....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Mis-Fortune Cookie Strikes Again!

Whenever I order chinese food, I enjoy reading the fortune cookies. I never actually eat the cookies, but they're there so I read the fortunes...and then I want to kill myself. I usually get something crappy like "The road to life that you're on, you made a wrong turn".
Yesterday, I got chinese food from work. Since I'm not really gonna eat the cookie, it's a waste for me to actively take a fortune cookie. But I was curious. So I took one. I opeend it tonite. It says:
"Your loyalty is a virtue, but when it's wedded to blind stubbornness...."
It actually ended with the ....
And also, WTF?!? What the hello kind of "fortune" is that?!? I hear the chinese laughing at me. It sounds something like "hahahaha....Stupid American....she eat cookie....and she think she get advice....hahahahah....joke on her!"