Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My "Y" key strikes again!

My guy-friend and I were just comparing crazy stories of how people randomly meet their spouses. He told me about his friend who was flying back to NY from somewhere in Europe and b/c the plane had engine trouble, they had to make an emergency landing in Dublin so she was only in Dublin for shabbat by Chabad (of course) and that's where she met her husband. I said that's not such a good story and I told him about my friend who was playing AIM pranks and her friend ended up meeting her own husband thru that and my story is cooler. Then I felt bad so I said "ok, ours is a cool story" when I meant to say "Yours". Damn Ou Stupid "Y" Ke!

(This new post is like a sequel to this one - http://whoneedsalastname.blogspot.com/2009/12/who-needs-y-key.html )

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Disney and I are in a Fight! Grrr....

I never thought I would ever say this, but Disney and I are in a fight!
Last year, Disney had a deal where if you register your birthday, you get a free day at one of the Disney parks. So of course I went right away to register my birthday. Of course my birthday last year fell out on Shabbat. Ugh! So I called Disney. They had all these rules where you have to go on the exact day of your birthday with ID and no exceptions and it has to be Your birthday, not your friend's...etc. So then I asked well what if your birthday is Feb. 29th? They said you can choose either Feb 28 or March 1 to celebrate. So I said well maybe you can make that exception for me. I'm a religious Jew and I'm a Sabbath observer and I can't come on Saturday but can I come on Sunday. They said no. Feb 29th does not exist in 2010 so that's why they have that exception. Apparently my birthday exists and therefore no exception. So then I gave them this whole sob story how I love Disney and I'm the biggest fan and this is a very special birthday for me (b/c I turned "20") and I would love to celebrate it in the park and can I please please come on that Sunday, Aug 2. (and now you all know my birthday. I expect presents :) They said no. I asked for a manager and gave the manager the same sob story. They said no. So really Disney actually still is anti-simetic and we were in a fight last year, when I actually thought of suing Disney for racial discrimination. Except I don't have money to pay a lawyer and my friends are not that generous - and that's totally fine. I didn't expect any free lawyer service. Just saying it to point out that there will be no suing Disney. So Disney and I were in a fight already last year.

This year, they decided to do inspire ppl to volunteer. If you register with them and volunteer on a program that they approve of, they will also give you a free day in the park. So I'm going to LA in 2 weeks and it occured to me that I should volunteer and get my free day in Disneyland. Genius! I went to the website and they said their deal is over. They inspired a million ppl to volunteer and that's it. They're done. They don't need any more ppl.

WTF?!?! I want my frickin free day in the park! You suck Disney!*

(*omg I don't really mean that. I still love you. but a little bit you're not so nice today)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

My niece is 6 and my older nephew is 4. They are generally really good kids. They usually listen and they don't really do anything too bad like break things or run into the street. And even when they do something they're not supposed to, they are just so darned cute about it b/c they really don't know they're not supposed to be doing it. And they always say the funniest things.

At one of the meals over Pesach, my nephew was not sitting at the table nicely so my sister and my mom were trying to tell him to sit nicely and eat nicely and be good...etc. Well he didn't like that so he said to them "That's not right. I'm telling Doda!" (I'm Doda :)

Yesterday, we took them to the park. My niece was playing nicely and my nephew went to go pick flowers. He picked all the flowers the NYC Parks Dept had planted so nicely. I said "Moshe, what are you doing? You can't do that." And my niece also told him "Mosh! You can't do that! What are you doing??" He said "I'm picking flowers for Doda's wedding" Well I melted into a puddle. So I said to him "Are you gonna be the flower girl at my wedding?" He said "No, I'm gonna be the flower Boy!" Then I thought I don't have a groom yet. So I asked my nephew "Can you be the groom? And I'll marry you" He said "No I can't marry you. I'm not married yet"